Pate’s International Exclusive

We are aware that some international schools would like to actively promote a partnership with a top British school and Pate’s would be keen to talk with you if you would like to work with us in this way.
The Pate’s brand is associated with academic excellence, outstanding outcomes and University destinations that are unequalled, and therefore an alliance with Pate’s Grammar School can signpost a commitment to high performance and high aspiration.

What would you receive?

  • Partner schools would benefit from the education benefits available in Pate's International Enhanced, but we can also provide support with marketing, student recruitment, leadership opportunities for staff and more specific whole-school self-evaluation.
  • We would agree a quality assurance framework detailing how we would work together and the specific performance indicators that we will be working towards.
  • Where required we could sign an exclusivity agreement ensuring that you have a monopoly on Pate’s resources in a defined geographical area.

Does it work?

We already have a partner school in China that has seen a dramatic increase in student recruitment and a 25% increase in pupil attainment. As well as working at the host school we have welcomed their students to the UK for study breaks and Oxbridge preparation courses at Pate’s Grammar School.

Further Information

We are keen to roll this offer out with additional partners to create a family of like-minded exceptional schools.
If this is of interest then please do contact us. We would like to discuss your needs and how we can create a partnership that will meet your vision for the school.