Russel Ellicott

The students who arrive at Pate’s have the potential to achieve great things. Combine this with exceptional care and inspirational teachers who “quite simply give above and beyond” (Ofsted), in a culture where curiosity and challenging the norm is encouraged, and it is no surprise that Pate’s has a special buzz where almost anything seems possible.

Pate’s has a long tradition of providing students with a free first-class education, regardless of their background. We are among the schools at the very top of the national league tables in respect of our outstanding exam results; we feature in independent studies highlighting the excellent progress students make between key stages, and the calibre of their university choices when they leave. But, for our students, what really matters is the freedom to be themselves, with good friends, lots of extra activities, societies and new ideas to share and explore. By any measure Pate’s is an outstanding school and I am honoured to be Head Master.